December 24, 2011

December 23, 2011

Christmas Baking

Well, I think we're about ready for Christmas.  I baked all day long with the help of a special, handsome boy.  I love making special things at Christmas.  Rick's sister and mom always love getting all the goodies, so I do it mainly for them.  We get to hand deliver the goodies this year because we are heading to East Texas next Tuesday.  CANNOT wait!

This is the first year Spencer has iced cookies with me and he did such a great job.  I make sugar cookies that are actually my grandmother's great grandmother's recipe.  Did you follow that?  If not, it's 100+ years old and I can remember the ones my Grandma used to make.  They are the best!

I also made all of this via Pinterest of course...

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn - COMPLETELY addicting!

Cherry Shortbread Cookies - THE BEST!

Source: via Kara on Pinterest

And of course I made a BUTT load of Chex Mix which is always a hit and good ole cinnamon candy.
Tis the season!

December 21, 2011

Chrismas Program

Spencer's Christmas program was two weeks ago and I hadn't posted about it because I wanted to post a video with this and the video we shot is way too big and won't load.  

I had been waiting for his program all week!  I just knew I was going to cry like a little baby when I saw our precious angel singing his songs that he has been singing over and over and over and over at home for weeks.  Boy was I fooled...

It was standing room only and it was like the paparazzi was there with all the camera.  Spencer was SCARED TO DEATH!  He was front row and barely moved the entire time. 

 Bless his heart!

November 26, 2011

We are Thankful

Saying we are thankful is a full blown understatement.  We had such a great Thanksgiving.  Emily got to come in from Boulder which made it extra special.

Rick's homemade rolls are always a must and this year, he had a sweet little helper.

Why would I think I could get a "normal" picture???

There we go...

November 23, 2011

Feast of Thanks

Wednesday was Spencer's Feast of Thanks at his school.  We always love going up there and spending this time with him.  I'm so fortunate to have an amazing principal that lets me slip away for sweet, family moments like this.

My loves...

Spencer's favorite food on he planet...cupcakes...

November 9, 2011

Recipes of the Week - Major catch up time!

Well, as you can tell I have been slacking majorly on the recipe of the week.  I'm at home with a sick, little boy so what better time to play catch up.  I'm going to post some of my favorite Pinterest recipes I've made here lately.  Yes, I'm a Pinterest addict and very proud of it!  Enjoy!

Taco Cornbread Casserole

BLT Pasta Salad - this is to die for!!

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Butterfinger Cookies

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Source: via Kara on Pinterest

Santa Fe Breakfast Ring

November 5, 2011


Dr. Spencer had a great Halloween!

Halloween party at school...

It's sad that he never smiles...

Dr. Spencer Swindell

Trunk or Treat

Eddie, Spencer's favorite neighbor

Courtney, Spencer & Zach

October 23, 2011


This sweetheart could literally sing all day.  I'm doing my best to get every song on video. 

October 16, 2011

Corn Maze

A couple of weeks ago we went to the corn maze.  I totally forgot that I hadn't blogged about it.  We have never went and had heard it was so fun.  And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  This what his year's maze looks like, in honor of Buddy Holly.

We got lost plenty and only made it to the halfway point and we were able to get out.  They had people stationed along the way to help you if you needed.

After we got through the maze we HAD to have some fresh grilled corn!

And then some farm animals...

Our sweet little pumpkin family...BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!

October 4, 2011

Our Little Reader

Spencer is totally into books these days.  I am so glad for many reasons, but one is I was always worried because before this, he has had NO interest in books.  I guess it just takes time.  Rick bought him three new books at the book fair at his school and he reads them all the time.

Well, he's very into reading to other people and that includes Cheyenne.  He plopped down right next to her and began reading and showing her everything in book.  He would say things like, "Very good Cheyenne."  "Yes, that's right Cheyenne."  It was the cutest thing ever.  We are so lucky that Cheyenne loves Spencer and pretty much lets Spencer do whatever he wants to her.

Spencer laid all the books out that he was going to read to Cheyenne

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