July 30, 2012

Vacation - Austin

After San Antonio we went to our favorite place, Austin.  We just love it there and would live there in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever arises.  We don't do anything special there, but we eat like crazy because we have so many places to eat there.  We always try to find new places to add to our arsenal. :)

Dinner at Zax

Then we had a night cap at Shady Grove

The next morning we were excited to hit up Manuel's for brunch.  Their Sunday brunch is the best!  They have live jazz music and of course $2 mimosas! ;)

Silly, silly boys!!

We hit up Guadalupe St. after that to go to Tyler's, Jamba Juice and the UT Co-op.

There are no more pictures of this day (I have no clue why), but we went to have a quick snack at Z Tejas where we got some great eating suggestions from our waiter.

For dinner that night we went to a new place, Hopdoddy.  Outstanding burgers!  Bread made fresh daily, all meat ground there and all veggies are locally grown. 

No big plans for the last day we were there other than eat.  Ha!  We had breakfast at our favorite place, Juan in a Million.  $2 breakfast tacos and they are outstanding!!!

We are always intrigued by the food carts in Austin and always try to hit up a few while we are there.  We ate lunch at Jalopy.  FABULOUS!  Everything fresh and bread made fresh daily.  We loved it!

And we had dinner at our favorite place that we visited on this trip, Red's Porch.  This was another suggestion by our waiter at Z Tejas.  I didn't take a single picture there!!!  Please visit the website and check it out.  SO.MUCH.FUN.

Then we ended our night at Shady Grove, again.  I think we like that place just a little.  It's pretty much all outside, so Spencer can roam which is a good thing.

We left for Tyler the next day.  Stopped at one of our all time favorite places, Whole Foods.  We had a wonderful lunch and then hit the road.

Melt my heart!!!!

July 22, 2012

Vacation - San Antonio

Vacation is finally here!!!!!!  We left Friday and went to San Antonio for just one night.  It was perfect.  Spencer has never been there so it was a great experience. 

We had to go to La Margarita when we first got there.  This is part of the Mercado district and is the best AUTHENTIC Mexican food and the BEST margaritas EVER!
So glad to be out of the car!

My loves!

Mariachi band at La Margarita


A little shopping at the Market...


Had to have a little ice cream to cool off

Woody & Jessie watching Disney while we at breakfast the next morning

Waiting on the trolly to go eat breakfast at Mi Tiera

So much fun in San Antonio!  Austin here we come!

July 20, 2012

INSTA Friday

A peek into our life this past week via Instagram...

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life rearranged

Finally found great looking mint plants...I'll take 2 please!  :)

Had a little jam session at Best Buy

Do we look like gamers??

Someone got their first cap gun

THE BEST oatmeal!  Low calorie too!
Recipe here via Pinterest

Headstands at karate...why not?

Ummm...totally my new favorite...Lime Refresher @ Starbucks

Had to try out the new dog bed before Cheyenne got them...nothing like mom to push you around Sam's relaxed like this!

July 16, 2012

For the love of WOODY!

To say Spencer loves Toy Story is a complete understatement.  Toy Story 3 hasn't left the DVD player in the car in months.  Little does he know we're going to rotate it out before we venture out on vacation in 4 days...thank goodness for headphones, huh?

Spencer has wanted the Woody doll for a long time and his Gram & PaPaw gave it to him for his birthday.  Woody goes EVERYWHERE with us now as you can see...

10 minutes after he got Woody at his birthday party...couldn't wait to open it at home.  Took him out to eat his very first meal!

Even Woody gets thirsty

Night, night Woody


And this is my favorite...Spencer insisted on us putting his name on Woody's boot just like Andy did in the movie.  And of course we obliged! :)


And he now wants the Jessie doll (that's just like the Woody doll) just as bad.  One would think, "That's a GIRL doll and not for a boy."  We just don't think so.  He loves all the characters in the movie and I can see Jessie making an appearance into our family at some point.  ;)

July 13, 2012

{Insta} Friday

A glimpse into our life this past week via Instagram...

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life rearranged

Karate master

Signing his name to EVERY thank you note from his birthday party

Oh all the new Disney apps...and they are free!

Tony Hawk & his new bike

I mean really???  These things are soooooo good!  Only sold at Walgreen's.

Playing trains yesterday morning

...and then dinosaurs 5 minutes later.  Oh that attention span!

Made new friends at the park

We really get into Swamp People at our house

July 7, 2012


My favorite handwriting for sure...

...melt my heart!

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