March 20, 2011

ABCs of me!

My blog is getting a huge overhaul this week (hopefully), so I'll just post something fun for now...

A – Austin, TX – Where we want to live and our favorite place to vacation.
B – Brownies – I'm a sucker like no other for BOXED brownies.  They are definitely my favorite!
C – Coffee – Wow...never knew how much my body relied on this stuff until I didn't drink it for two days over spring break and have gotten HORRIBLE headaches!
D – Dooney and Bourke – The best brand of handbags and I will won't carry anything else!
E – Evo – I was a dire hard Blackberry chica until this phone.  I wouldn't make it without this sucker!
F – Farmville – One of my BIGGEST pet peeves on Facebook.  No I won't help you raise your roof on your barn!
G – Grace – My maiden name and I love it...thanks of the MANY great things you have given me!
H – Honda – Well duh!!!  Only the best cars ever!
I – Ice Cream – It's an addiction and I LOVE it!  My new favorite is Blue Bell's birthday cake cookie dough...wowsers!
J – JCPenney – Where I met Rick and where I LOVE to shop like no other!
K – Kitchen – Where I love to be cooking, baking and hanging out with Rick with Spencer "helping"
L – Lists – I'm a huge list maker.  I have to have it on paper so I can really feel that I can accomplish it.  You should see my desk at school!
M – Milk – Definitely my favorite drink.  It even quenches my thirst better than water.
N – Nails – My fingernails have become my latest obsession due to Sally Henson's Nail Effect Strips
O – Outside – Boy do I love being outside with Rick and Spencer in our backyard and sitting on our patio.  Such great fun!
P – Pink – It's been my favorite color for a long time and anyone that knows me knows that I have tons of it!
Q – Qi – My favorite word to play in any Word Wise game...always brings in the points!
R – Rick – My husband, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader...need I say more???  I love him with all that I am!!!
S – Spencer – My incredible son and I have no idea what I would do without!  He is the light of our lives!!!
T – Treadmill – I took a break from my treadmill for about 4 months and I guess I just couldn't stand to be away.  I'm an inside runner and I'm proud of it!  I love my treadmill!!!!!
U – UTD – University of Texas at Dallas where I got my master's from...what a great choice I made!
V – Voicemail  – Not a fan.  Just text me.
W – Wine – I'm a wine drinker on the week for sure.  It's easier on the carbs that my good hoppy beer that I like on the weekends.
X – Xylophone - I love when Spencer plays his crocodile xylophone and ALWAYS sings Jingle Bells or his ABCs at the tops of his lungs!
Y – Yanni – I'm a closet Yanni fan.  Something about his music is so calming...
Z – Zucchini – I love zucchini...stuffed, grilled, fried, you name it!

March 10, 2011

Updates & our sweet helper...

Yes, I know it's been 2 weeks since I've posted, but honestly, this kitchen renovation is pretty darn crazy and we've both been pretty tired every night and just want to sit down and hang out with each other and Spencer.  This is where we're at on the kitchen renovation:

*All cabinets and handles are installed.
*All appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave & stove) have been ordered & will start coming in on the 21st
*Tile is busted up in the kitchen.  Flooring has to be put in after all appliances have been installed.
*Granite will be in in about 2 weeks.  We're using our old counter tops for now.
*I will be painting the dining room & kitchen over spring break.  Pictures to follow.

This is what the lack of tile looks was hard work ALL done by Rick...

We've had such a great time together doing this and Spencer has just been PRECIOUS!  He got a work bench with tons of tools for Christmas and he has really put them to good use.  Whatever tool he sees Rick using, he runs into his room and gets the same one and gets right to work!  He has worn his safety goggles so much the fabric is fraying and they may not make it much longer.

Had to get a little guitar practice in...

Helping Daddy take off the old cabinet doors...


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