October 30, 2012

GLOW-tober Party

Our middle school student council put on a GLOW-tober dance/Halloween party last Friday.  I always leave school to go get Spencer and bring him.  What little boy doesn't love ALL the attention from girls??

Spencer & Carlos...Carlos is my dear friend Monica's son
*Note - We had to go by the house after I picked Spencer up so he could change into his Hulk shirt.  He said he needed it to scare all the girls.  Ha!
Doing a little dancing in the dark
Cupcake break
Funny story...Spencer loves the movie Brave.  Well, he spotted one our sixth graders that was dressed up as the girl from Brave.  I mean, she looks just like her.  He started going nuts saying, "Mama!  Mama!" (while pointing at her)  He really thought it was her.  So we went and found her and she is the sweetest thing and posed for a picture with Spencer.  The icing on the cake was when Megan was walking away, she said, "Bye Spencer!" and he looked at me and said, "She knows my name?!?!"  It literally made his night!

October 29, 2012

Phone pics of lately...

Browsing through pics on my phone...

Rick & Spencer shooting tree branches guns

Toy Story anyone?
Spencer loves him some Livi
What I live for
Instead of ordering off the kids' menu, we order him a house salad (sometimes two).  This kid LOVES salad.  True story.
Just an ordinary shopping trip to Old Navy and scaring the ba-jeeeeezus out of everyone that walked into the store.
Now those are some fangs!

October 27, 2012

Fall Festival

Spencer went on his first date a couple of weeks back.  His girlfriend Braylee goes to a different Pre-K than him (at one of our elementaries) and asked him to go to her fall festival with him.  They picked him up school and took him.  He had so much fun!  We are so lucky that he has such sweet friends like Braylee.  And thank you Ali for taking all these pictures!

Running the second they got out of the car!

I love this picture so much!!!
He looks so big and grown up in this picture to me. :(((((
About to get his face painted.  Check out that Gatorade mustache!

October 3, 2012


We went to Ruidoso weekend before last.  Ruidoso is 4 hours away and a super easy drive so we always leave Saturday morning, stay the night and come back Sunday.  Sounds like it's fast and furious, but it is a perfect mini vacay.

We always stay at the Inn of the Mountain Gods which is beautiful!  We got a suite this time because we got special pricing for booking in September and it was awesome!  I think we are spoiled and won't be able to go back to a one roomer any more.  Ha!

Spencer's favorite spot at the Inn...the huge fountain at the bottom of the staircase
I would say that view isn't too bad!
Oh this kid...
How am I this lucky????

Spencer loved this car downtown
Doing a little shopping at the Thunderbird - were his mama and his Papaw shopped as kids for junk toys
What?  You don't ride elephants?
What was left of our favorite pizza on the planet (from Cafe Rio).  Look at that view in from the living room!
Gotta love a good snowball
I've been going to Ruidoso since I was a baby and have NEVER seen so many deer in town just cruising around.  I mean, this deer was in someone's yard and I snapped the picture from the Starbucks drive thru line.  They were EVERYWHERE!
Can't wait to go back!  I sure hope I get an email soon with special pricing on those suites!!! ;)

October 1, 2012

Labor Day - one month later

Ugh...note to self...DO NOT EVER GET THIS BEHIND IN BLOGGING!  Ok, I'm back on track now.

We went to my parents house Labor Day weekend for a little cook out and play time.  There are endless things do to out there and Spencer can just roam (well, not too far or you'll be joining cows in the pasture).

We had a great time as always!!

This is my Papa's (great grandfather) tractor.  It does not run, but it's definitely not something you let go of.  Spencer LOVES it!
No trip is complete without driving the riding lawn mower!
Eating Gram's famous butterfinger ice cream

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