October 30, 2012

GLOW-tober Party

Our middle school student council put on a GLOW-tober dance/Halloween party last Friday.  I always leave school to go get Spencer and bring him.  What little boy doesn't love ALL the attention from girls??

Spencer & Carlos...Carlos is my dear friend Monica's son
*Note - We had to go by the house after I picked Spencer up so he could change into his Hulk shirt.  He said he needed it to scare all the girls.  Ha!
Doing a little dancing in the dark
Cupcake break
Funny story...Spencer loves the movie Brave.  Well, he spotted one our sixth graders that was dressed up as the girl from Brave.  I mean, she looks just like her.  He started going nuts saying, "Mama!  Mama!" (while pointing at her)  He really thought it was her.  So we went and found her and she is the sweetest thing and posed for a picture with Spencer.  The icing on the cake was when Megan was walking away, she said, "Bye Spencer!" and he looked at me and said, "She knows my name?!?!"  It literally made his night!


Melodee said...

what a cute idea! love it!!

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