July 16, 2012

For the love of WOODY!

To say Spencer loves Toy Story is a complete understatement.  Toy Story 3 hasn't left the DVD player in the car in months.  Little does he know we're going to rotate it out before we venture out on vacation in 4 days...thank goodness for headphones, huh?

Spencer has wanted the Woody doll for a long time and his Gram & PaPaw gave it to him for his birthday.  Woody goes EVERYWHERE with us now as you can see...

10 minutes after he got Woody at his birthday party...couldn't wait to open it at home.  Took him out to eat his very first meal!

Even Woody gets thirsty

Night, night Woody


And this is my favorite...Spencer insisted on us putting his name on Woody's boot just like Andy did in the movie.  And of course we obliged! :)


And he now wants the Jessie doll (that's just like the Woody doll) just as bad.  One would think, "That's a GIRL doll and not for a boy."  We just don't think so.  He loves all the characters in the movie and I can see Jessie making an appearance into our family at some point.  ;)


Katie said...

Hi, Kara! That is just precious about putting Spencer's name on the bottom of Woody's shoe! Love it.

I'm not sure if I even answered your question about the Keens...that is crazy you asked because Colson's feet have been reeking! I just thought it was his feet, and maybe it is I don't know. Zach has worn Keens for years, and we haven't had any issues.

So I guess what I'm saying is the Keens we have don't smell, but they may be making Colson's feet stink? Ha! Sorry I'm no help. ; )

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