January 5, 2011


I'm not one to stand firm on making resolutions every year because I never have.  Most people who say they don't make them it's because they can't keep them.  Not me, I just have never made them.  I'm usually pretty good at setting goals for myself anytime during the year and sticking to it.  Well, in the past week or so, the word 'resolution' has come out of mine and Rick's mouth a few times, so I thought I would post some of the resolutions I have for the new year...only two of them...

1.  Spend a lot more time together...just Rick and I.  We get so wrapped up in parenting and we love every minute of it, but we just don't take the time we need to to go out with each other.  Babysitters will be used more and of course Spencer's favorite, Gram and PaPaw time.  We have more fun together and it was so nice the last week when Rick was on vacation to get to spend time with each other. 

2.  Lose those 10 lbs I talked about in the summer that have now turned into 12 lbs.  I've started running outside now and have been able to tell a difference in my clothes and some people have even told me I look like I've lost weight, but I need to be back to where I was before getting pregnant.  End of story.  So, the ab lounger is coming out of storage (Rick loves hearing that) because that sucker REALLY works.  Rick is going to get a stationary bike to go with his BowFlex that he loves.  We eat healthy as a way of life (except the garbage we eat on the weekends...haha), so being fit needs to go back with it. 

Now I've taken the liberty to make some for Spencer (and I know Rick will agree with me on these).  These actually are probably more our resolutions for Spencer, but you get the point...

1.  Get rid of the paci!  If you have any creative ways to do this that work, please, please comment and let me know.

2.  Potty trained in the coming months.  They work on it at school and we have to be diligent at home to work on it.  Again, any creative tips for potty training boys would be appreciated!  We bought one of these to help us:

Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

3.  Play more in his room, rather than dragging out toys all over the living room.  This really fits into part of my resolutions for myself (and Rick) because sometimes we just need to go in there and play with him.  He's surrounded by kids at school all day to play with and when he gets home, it's just us three.  He loves playing with all his toys and we want his room to be a fun place for him to go play whenever he wants.

4.  Finding an effective "spot" for time-out.  The score on time-out sessions at the current moment is Us - ZERO, Spencer - 4,595 ...get the point?  We're looking for a time-out chair to put somewhere and hopefully that will work.  Any suggestions??

Here's to 2011 and accomplishing these resolutions!


Anonymous said...

Jacob's time out spot is right by my front door. You have to pick the most boring place on your house. You might consider using a mat since sometimes the time outs (at least for Jacob) are used for kicking and screaming in a controlled area! Good luck!

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