August 14, 2011

Manly Shopping

Manly Shopping = Spencer and Rick usually going to Best Buy and having the time of their lives!

Spencer loves going manly shopping and often requests it before Rick can ask him.  Any time we drive by Best Buy, Spencer promptly points out that he goes manly shopping there.  Well, Rick took him manly shopping today and they went to Bed, Bath & Beyond (to get a glass pie dish for Rick's homeade pecan pie he's making at the current moment) and then to Gander.  Spencer LOVES our Gander here because the shopping carts are big trucks that kids sit in and steer as you push the cart.  They literally just go there and wander around and have so much fun. 

While they're gone, I just think about how they are both grinning from ear to ear and my heart is full because Spencer has the best dad and makes special times already for just him and Spencer to go places.  Rick tells me later what all goes on and it usually involves letting Spencer fill up the cart with all kinds of stuff and they rarely come home having bought a lot of stuff!  Ha!

This is the picture I got today from their excursion...


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