July 6, 2011

Our 4th of July

We had a super laid back 4th of July that consisted of family and fun...does it get any better?  HECK NO!  We had plans to go to our really good friends house because they had rented a huge blow up bouncy slide with water, but their daughter Addison (almost 4) said it broke her bones going down it and didn't go another time.  So we knew if she didn't go down it, Spencer sure wouldn't.  It was a little too big for youngsters like them. 

We had already invited my parents over for dinner and we were just going to do the slide for about an hour and come home.  We had the greatest time just sitting in the back yard and relaxing.  Rick made burgers and stuffed jalepenos.  We switched up the stuffing for the jalepenos this time and did red onion, cream cheese & chicken flavored rice.  OMG they were the best he's ever made!!!!  I made homemade ice cream and that was the extent of our menu that night.

I had my camera with me the entire time and only took 2 pictures!  Nice, huh?  Oh well, they were great pictures because Spencer had a BLAST playing baseball with PaPaw and now it's a nightly ritual in the backyard.

You have to notice the baseball glove on my Dad's hand.  Spencer insisted he wear that.  Ha!

All in all it was a perfect 4th of July.  We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful family!


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