February 8, 2013

*Insta* Friday

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life rearranged

Harry Potter came on and we instantly found our cape, wand and Gryfindor sword.
Picked up Spencer from school and this is what greeted me.  YIKES!!!
(I'm all about his love for dress up, but not Elmo!!!)
Awesome Saturday night
Sleepy vampire
Getting those "yellow guys" (Georgia Tech) with his laser gun. 
Already a Duke fan! :)
We've had beautiful weather in the evenings, so that means park time!

Monkey bars by himself!  How is this happening?
First time at the dentist
Homemade angel food cake...grilled!
Hawkeye and his new bow and arrow...and goggles.
Can't wait to order this from Gap for Spencer!
Check out that static electricity! 


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