April 8, 2010

Easter joy

Easter was so much fun. All three of us were beyond exhausted at the end of the day. We spent Easter at Dad and Dana's house and had more fun! It was extra special because Mother (my great-grandmother) was there. Spencer was an expert egg hunter which made dad proud! When Rick was young, he and his sister Terry would go Easter egg hunting and poor Terry would end up with barely any eggs because Rick scooped them all up. Well, as you can see here, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  (Thank you 750 mph wind for the great sound effects!)

What?? There's candy in here?!?!

Spencer enjoyed PaPaw taking him to see the cows until the 1,000 pound bull decided to walk up. Spencer has never eaten that much candy in his life. He was going nuts! Pez are definetly his favorite.

Mother (Spencer's great, great-grandmother)

Easter basket from PaPaw & Gram

Pez with Gram

Would you like some PaPaw?

One of my favorite Easter memories as a kid was going to Grandpa and Grandma Brandt's house to hunt eggs and Grandma would use the plastic eggs that her panty hose came in and would put money in it. Man, we thought we were rich when we opened it up and saw nickles, dimes and maybe even a quarter! Every now and then, a dollar bill would pop up and I swear I had just won the lottery! Great memories I'm so glad I have.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


texag04 said...

he is so darn cute!! I think we'll be in Lubbock sometime this summer. We need to get together!!!

John said...

great pics and great site kara..

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