April 28, 2010

Can't take the experiments out of the science teacher...

It was full on experiment time in the Swindell household last night.  Spencer has a throat infection and awful sinus drainage.  Let me preface this story by saying he is a CHAMP at taking medicine and always has been.  Well, meet Mr. Steroid which tastes like lighter fluid (no, I haven't tasted it before, but I can only imagine).  We gave it to him the first time and he threw it all up along with his breakfast and lunch.  Then he needed the antibiotic (which tastes not too bad), but he won't touch it because he's fearful that it's the steroid again.  What to do now??  We have a very unhappy child (I can totally see why) and no medicine down the pipe! 

After a conversation with the nurse, she said mix the dosage in equal parts of food that he likes.  Wow!  What a great idea.  I couldn't wait to get home to get to my concoctions.  This is what our kitchen counter looked like last night:

We tried the meds in all this and you could STILL taste it like there was nothing added to it!!!  So, what do we do now?  Hold him down with all that parental force and make him take it.  Poor baby!!  But, he is feeling better!!

Hope everyone is doing great!!


John said...

i love me some nutella

Jacqui said...

Poor baby! It is no fun at all when they're sick. I can't believe he can say octagon! I hope we get to see you guys soon :)

texag04 said...

Awww, I hope he is feeling better! I read this the other day but couldn't comment because, well, I was at school and not supposed to be reading blogs! haha!!

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