May 3, 2010

Oh Disney Family Fun how I love thee!

If you haven't read/seen this magazine and you're a mom or even just crafty and not a mom, it's a MUST.   My sweet friend at school gets this magazine and she has no idea why because her daughter is in college, but she brings it to me every month.  I tell her all the time that if she ever stops getting it, she has to let me know so I can subscribe.  Disney Family Fun is AWESOME & there are so many awesome ideas to make with/for the kiddos!  This is the edition for this month:

I can't wait to make the little herb "pots" on the front with the insects as markers.  Rick and I use fresh herbs when we cook all the time and we always say we are going to plant an herb garden in the summer, but we just never have.  The insects' bodies are the cap to a milk jug and the wings are the actual plastic from the milk jug just cut into heart shapes.  I think I will use tera cotta pots instead of the aluminum cans.

In a past magazine, I found the cupcakes I'm going to make for Spencer's birthday party.  Now, I realize this may not be new news to some of you out there, but I think they are so cute!  You take the Cupcake Pebbles cereal and make them like rice crispy treats, put that mixture in muffin tins (bottom of the cupcake) and then ice them.  Cute, huh??  Here they are:

This is a little late, but is this not the best idea in the world to help kids SUCCESSFULLY dye Easter eggs and not make huge messes??  Yep, found it in the magazine too!  Stick that egg in the whisk and it's essentially hands-free when it's in the dye!

Ok, I'll only post one more thing that I think is super cute.  It's a picture frame made out of toilet paper rolls.  The petals are toilet paper rolls that are just colored and turned inside out.  I think it's sooooo cute!

Prepare yourself for a post like this every month after I get the magazine.  Maybe you can use some of this stuff.  Also, think about subscribing to this magazine for your favorite artsy-fartsy mom or friend!!  I know they would love it! 
Better yet...subscribe to it for them for MOTHER'S DAY!!!


texag04 said...

LOVE the picture frame idea!! I actually think I might (if I can find frames cheap enough) have my kids make that for mothers day! So cute!!

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