May 10, 2010

Great weekend!!

Lots to report from the weekend.  (Sorry for the over kill of posting from this past week, but hey, there was a lot to post!!)  For the most part, I will usually have the joy of having my birthday and Mother's Day close together.  I was actually born on Mother's Day.  Birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday this year!!  Saturday, Spencer and I went to the March of Dimes for Babies walk at Mackenzie Park.  I was a little apprehensive on how Spencer would do for 4 miles, but he didn't make a sound.  He was too busy watching everything going on around him.

4 miles!

I had a great afternoon/evening for my birthday!  We just hung out at the house, Rick made fajitas, drank Coronas and just had a great time.  Rick did so much to make sure my birthday was special which I am always forever grateful.  He even made my favorite dessert...boxed brownies and ice cream!  Now for the kicker...what husband buys his wife two pairs of Yellow Box sandals (yes, I said 2 pairs) and they were exactly what I would've picked out!  THENNNNNN...I got Photoshop!!!  I know that sounds odd to get for a present, but I wanted that so bad so I could begin my invitation business (more info on that later on down the road).  Oh & guess where I'm going Thursday??  To get a pedicure!  Got a gift certificate for that!!  My sweet Dad & Dana gave Rick and I a year pass to the Science Spectrum.  Wowsers!!!  Good grief we'll get so much use out of that for Spencer!  I loved my sweet phone calls and texts from Jean, Terry, Stephen & Emily.  Those always mean so much to me!  Well, it was such a sweet birthday and enough about all my fantabulous gifts!!

On Mother's Day, went to eat breakfast at our favorite place in the world, Cracker Barrel.  We always have a great time there. 

Love me some jelly!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy.  I got some sweet pictures from the late afternoon/early evening in the backyard.  Spencer was ADAMANT that Zach get into his house with him and of course, Zach pretty much does everything Spencer says and there he went.  They hung out in there for awhile (or as long as Zach could stand being in the upright fetal position).  Spencer always has to listen to Zach's iPod with him and jams out as much as possible.  The times Spencer has with Zach are so precious.

My favorite by far!  They are both so focused on something apparently very important!

I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! 


texag04 said...

don't ever apologize for an abundance of posts! I LOVE them!! I'm glad you had such a great birthday and mother's day. You certainly deserve it!

Crucified said...

I agree. love post,just hard to get mine in. LOVE the pains a daddy will make to fit in a craker box! Home: where love lives.

Kara said...

Julie, that's actually Zach (Rick's son) in the playhouse with Spencer. Spencer LOVES his brother!!!

Home: where love that!!!

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