May 26, 2010

Random at Best

A lot of random things ahead...

Why is it that we get the funniest/craziest pictures of Spencer when food is involved??  I hope our love of cooking/baking rubs off on Spencer and he can get this excited when he's really involved in the cooking process.  For now, we'll take mealtime adventures with Spencer.  They are adventures that we will never take for granted and treasure every second of!

Sunglasses, pancakes, juice, and PJs ...killer combination!

Olives anyone?

I'm putting this on here by special request from my sweet friend, Kim.  I found this super cute, cheap and easy way to make fun dry erase boards.  I saw this on Little Bit Funky and I can't wait to make them.  I want to make them on a quite larger scale for my classroom next year to write their daily warm-ups on.  Click the link to see everything in more detail, but here are some pictures:

I was happy with the Biggest Loser finale last night.  Daris has always been my number one choice, but if he didn't win, I wanted Michael.  So sorry for Koli that didn't get voted into the final 3 because if he would've, he would have won.  Him and Sam were a little bit over the top for me last night.  And did you see Sherry???  OMG that lady was skin and bones.  So was O'Neal!!  Love, love that show and can't wait for the fall for the new cast!

Dancing With the Stars was also good last night.  Nicole should have won and she did.  Anyone that can get two 10's the second week will surely prove to be the best.  Kate is awful and should never be allowed to touch a dance floor again.  I'm pretty sure Buzz could out dance her.


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