May 28, 2010

School's out...let summer begin!

School's out for the summer!!!  HALLELULJAH!!!!!  It's been one looooooong year and I'm so ready for the summer.  Don't get me wrong, it's been a good year, but in my 9 years of teaching, the month of May has never been this difficult in terms of the girls seeming to think that school was out in April.  I'm tired, worn out and just ready to be away from it all for awhile.  My month of June is completely filled with school things, but it's ok.  I'm a trainer for the district on our new scope and sequence document, so I have to offer trainings throughout the summer.  I also have a leadership conference with the district to go to in the middle of June.  I try my hardest to not schedule anything in July so I'm completely free, but I actually have to do one training at the beginning.  Spencer's birthday is at the end of June, so I've tried to stay on top of that so it wouldn't all come crashing down on me the last week of June.  I think I've gotten it under control...I hope...
Here's the number one thing I will not miss being away from school...

I have to start my To Do list for the summer and I'm thinking that if I post it here, I will be more apt to finish everything because I'm "putting it out there" for the world to see! HA!  So here we go...

Clean out and organize the computer room closet - This means nothing to you, but the closet in our computer room is FULL of mainly my stuff.  Stuff like all my scrapbooking things, all my wrapping stuff, picture frames that need pictures put in them, storage boxes that should have things organized in them and yada, yada, get my point.

Too bad you can't see the right side of it...

Print & hang pictures in the living room - refer to #1 on all those picture frames that need to be filled with pictures.  Well, about 3 years ago, Rick and I decided that we were going to make a wall of photos and started buying picture frames whenever we would see them on sale (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Target, Wal Mart, etc.).  Well, those 20-30 frames have been collecting dust in the top of that dreaded closet for 3 years now.  I think it's just hard to find a place to start with all of that and trying to decide what pictures to use is a whole other ballgame.  We want it to look sort of like a collage kind of like this:

We have more of a variety of sizes in frames and I think these are a tad bit too close together, but you get the point.

Get my invitation/announcement/card design business up and running - I have most of the software to start, but I need to get a blog up and a facebook business page.  I can give more details on this one when I get it going.  But, start thinking ahead on things you might need and I'd love to have your business!

Lose those pesky 8 pounds - 8 pounds...just hangs over my head.  I just need to lose 8 pounds to be back to the weight I was before getting pregnant.  It's easier in the summer for me because I tend to workout/run more because I'm not drop dead exhausted when I walk in the door like I am after school every day. 

Get the front yard fully planted with flowers and monkey grass - This will be an easy one for me (and Rick) because we love working out in the yard.  This is one thing that needs to get done pretty quick though.

Begin tagging clothes for Cradles2Crayons consignment sale - This is something I wanted to do in the spring, but just didn't do it.  Some friends of ours did it and she made close to $600 on girls clothes and supposedly, boys clothes sell a lot better because there is so few of them.  You can also sell toys (thank goodness!).  I'm hoping to make close to $1000.  That might be a lofty goal, but with 2 years worth of stuff, I think I can do it.

Make this jewelry organizer - I have so many necklaces and bracelets that I currently keep on a plastic hanger.  Lovely, huh?  I want to make this and hang it in our closet.  I got the idea from Frugal Home Designs  We'll see how crafty I really am.

And last but not least...

Summer reading- I am not a reader by any means, never have been.  Our girls at school have summer reading they are required to do over the summer.  Last year I read two of the three books and absolutely LOVED them.  Well, here's my summer reading that I want to tackle.  The third book is a book our counselor recommended us (teachers) to read, especially those of us that have small children.

Ok, this is the longest post ever and thank you for reading it.  HA! 

YAY!!!!  It's summer!!!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

I make $1,000+ each season at consignment sales. It's a reachable goal ;) Check out for some great tips to maximize your profits and minimize your stress ;)

asonnenberg said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! You should've added hang out at the pool and Science Spectrum with Angie and Landon!! :)

I don't have that fancy of an organizer in my closet, but I do have my necklaces organized on nails in the closet. I'll have to show you some time. It works really well and is very simple.

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