June 1, 2010

One sweet, long weekend...

Weekends are my favorite times of the week anyway because all three of us get to spend time together.  That time is so precious and we are pretty darn stingy with it!  What made this weekend even better was that Rick was off Monday and it made it a three day weekend!

We are currently making some really big decisions about our house that we are so excited about.  I'll post more about that when we get our decisions closer to being finalized.  So, while Rick was doing some yard work and measuring (for the big decisions), Spencer and I decided to go shopping.  That kid loves to shop.  He'll even say, "shopping, shopping, shopping" over and over until we get ready to go.

He needed some swim trunks and swim shirts and we had to get them this weekend because hopefully we're going to the pool Friday.  Old Navy was our first stop because Spencer needed some more of their muscle shirts and hopefully we'd find swim trunks.  Spencer loves the dog at Old Navy as well as those mannequins.  Spencer hugged and kissed the dog as many times as he could and when we left, he said, "Bye bye dog"!  I would've given anything if I could have gotten a picture of Spencer checking out the skirts of the girl mannequins.  Yes, and by checking them out, I mean lifting them up and looking under them!!!

Spencer was asleep by the time we got home and right when we got through the door, AWAKE!  And I mean, didn't take a nap all day, went to bed at 9:00 and woke up at 5:30 the next morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed!  We relaxed all day long and Spencer took a good afternoon nap and so did Mama!!  We played outside a lot and Spencer has really taken a liking to dirt. He transports dirt all around the yard and likes to put it in his bucket and turn it over all over the patio Daddy just swept. We have a baby bird that the mama has thrown from it's nest and to keep Spencer away from it, we tell him that it's sleeping. He asks if he/she can "eat" and then he says "shhhhhhh" (because it's sleeping). It was really cute!  That night, Spencer decided he was tired of his diaper and promptly got rid of it. It was like he was FREEEEE! He was running around like crazy!

Yes, that's dirt around his mouth...go figure...

We didn't find swim trunks on Saturday, so we were out to find them again on Monday.  We found what we needed so we're pool bound on Friday!  Spencer crashed out again on the way home and took a three and a half hour nap! YAY!  Once he was up, we immediately headed outside to play!

Spencer's infatuation with fly swatters is back from last summer!

One of the highlights of our day was Rick's burgers and HOMEMADE fries!  That's like a delicacy at our house because we eat low carb.  Oh my goodness they were to die for!!

And let me leave you with this...

Spencer watches everything you do and I mean everything.  I looked up last night at him and look what he had on his head!  Yep, Mommy's headband!  Dad was so thrilled!  We all got a great laugh out of it!  (Oh and we had a diaper removal incident again last night...little stinker!)

Happy June!


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