June 4, 2010

S-squared! Swim Success!!

You got it!  Spencer LOVED the pool!  We went today for the first time.  He's never been to a pool, just the little one in the backyard that he hated last year.  At this pool, the kiddie pool is big.  We sat on the edge for awhile and just eased ourselves into it.  He sat in my lap most of the time, but then decided he wanted to get up when he realized he could stand.  We brought splash balls with us and he let the other kids in the pool play with them and then wanted to join in.  He would hold my hand so that he could walk across the pool.  We had to get out once so he could eat his "pool lunch", goldfish and a wienie (hot dog as he calls it).  Then he wanted back in.  We played for awhile and then he got real still and started dozing off.  So, it was time to go.  I gathered everything up and we were leaving and he started saying, "water, water, water"!  He wanted to stay!  That was such a good sign, but we weren't staying because he was so tired.  We went in and saw Gram and said goodbye.  I am not exaggerating one bit when I say this, he was asleep before we were out of the parking lot! 

This was such a fun trip for him and for me.  The only thing missing was Daddy.  Daddy will be coming with us when he's not working.  And, thank you Gram for letting us come swim!  We love you!!!!  We are headed back to the pool on Tuesday.  Here are some pictures.  Since it was just me, I had to be in most of them because I wasn't letting him out of my sight for a second.  So, sorry for so many self portraits!

The first 5 minutes of pool time

Lunch time!

Stop it with all the pictures, Mom!

One tired boy...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay cool!


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