June 21, 2010

Fun at the Park

Spencer and I went to play at Legacy Play Village today before lunch.  Oh my gosh it was fun and Spencer would not agree with me more.  He had more fun going up and down everything and then even dared to do the big slide by himself.  I was not comfortable letting him, but he wanted to and so I gave in to his dare-devilness.  SUCCESS!!  He was so good at it and would climb alllll the way to the top and do it over and over again.  Spencer's birthday party is at this park this Saturday so I know now it will be a hit!

Something so cute happened as we walked through the entrance.  Spencer immediately began saying something like, "Addie" and he kept saying it over and over.  We have a friend named Addie, but I didn't see them.  He kept saying it over and over and we just went to play.  Then, this little girl about his age ran up to him and started saying, "Spencster".  Her mom ran over there and said she was sorry and then said, "His name isn't Spencer, right?"  I told her it was and after a little talking, Spencer and Hadley (get it, Addie?) are in the same room at day care.  Aren't the little minds of little children amazing?? 

One other amazing little mind story...as we were leaving, Spencer is pointing across Marsha Sharp Freeway and saying, "ball, ball".  Guess what's across the freeway??  That would be Target!  A store he frequents with mommy way too much and they have huge red balls out in front that he always likes to touch and stand on.  How does he know that's Target from clear across the freeway??  Love him!

Quite the little climber!

I love this picture!!

All by myself!

And I leave you with the sweetest picture from this past weekend.  Spencer has the most wonderful dad in the world.  He is Spencer's hero and Spencer loves his Daddy to pieces.  I love his Daddy to pieces too!!


asonnenberg said...

Great pictures and cute stories!! :)

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