June 17, 2010

Disney Family Fun - June/July

I've been anxiously waiting the June/July issue of Disney's Family Fun and Melissa gave it to me yesterday!!  I was hoping to find some ideas for Spencer's birthday party next week.  I didn't find much for his party, but of course found some awesome ideas.

I didn't find as much as I usually do, but these were my favorites from the issue:

A Tote-ally Useful Teacher Gift

I can't find a picture of this through google, but this is what the lady wrote about these gifts...
"When my son Josh finished first grade, we wrapped his teacher gifts in reusable lunch totes, which we bought for a dollar each.  We attached a thank-you note with a ribbon tied through the hole of each bag.  These ecofriendly presents seemed to be a big hit!"

The picture is of a black and white ecofriendly bag with a cute red ribbon bow.  These aren't the ugly bags you can get from Wal Mart and the grocery store.  These are the "designer" bags!  So cute and who wouldn't want a cute bag to carry into the store??  I think I'm going to start using those bags as gift wrapping bags because what do you really do with the bags gifts come in?  You either throw them away or re-use them until the can't be used any longer!

Summer Veggie Pesto Tart

This looks so good and easy.  Here's the recipe.


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