June 15, 2010

Fun Weekend

Whew!  The weekend has come and gone and now we're back in full gear with another week.  This will be my last week of school stuff for awhile.  Thank goodness!  We've finally got our vacation set and we're sooooo anxious to leave.  We'll be in the Tyler area for about 4 days to see Rick's mom and his sister and her husband.  Then we're headed to our favorite place on the planet...Austin!!  We'll be there for 4 days!  I just hope we can keep Spencer entertained for that long!

We had a really good weekend and we spent Saturday night with our wonderful friends, Scott, Angie and Landon.  It was Angie's birthday and Scott cooked steaks.  They are were excellent!!!  Landon and Spencer love playing together so we just let them go on their merry way!  However, Scott starts yelling from one of their spare bedrooms and we all rush in there.  We find Landon and Spencer wrestling on the bed like they were in the WWF or something!  We were laughing so hard and the boys were having such a great time!

Spencer, Landon is going to get you for this!

Sweet Landon

Sunday was just a lazy day for us.  Rick grilled beer in the butt chicken and corn.  While we were grilling, Spencer played outside and loved playing catch with Zach.  Zach showed him how to catch the ball and showed Spencer how to keep his hands up, ready to catch.  It was so cute and Spencer got the hang of it really quick. 

Note the lack of grass we have growing in our backyard.  Our trees are so big that our grass isn't growing anymore.  Remember those decisions I spoke about in an earlier post concerning changes for our house??  Well, this is one of them.  We are going to have the back yard levelled and re-sodded with fescue grass.


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