June 8, 2010

Our Little Helper

Spencer is quite the little helper.  You ask him to help do anything, he gets pretty excited.  Sometimes, he will even offer help before you ask.  He'll say, "Help, help!"  Some of his favorite things to help with are:

-emptying the dishwasher, especially the silverware
-noticing that Cheyenne doesn't have any food and he brings the bowl to you in the garage to get more food and then insists on helping you carry the bowl back into the house
-turning off/on lights and ceiling fans
-LAUNDRY!  Spencer will fold and carry laundry to wherever it needs to go.  He has to carry all of his folded clothes into his room himself.
-dusts with Mommy
-vacuums with Mommy (even though he is petrified of the vacuum)

Here's a look at Spencer's sweet helping hands this past weekend...

This was by far my favorite "helping moment" this weekend.  Our handle on the back door broke and Spencer helped Daddy.  Absolutely precious!

And then there's Spencer helping Daddy do his Internet work...
Spencer will climb up into the chair at the kitchen table and begin typing like crazy.  We've lost 3 keys on the laptop due to his vigorous typing, but he loves it.  He's also a master at the mouse!

Now we go to meal time cleanup...
This must be something that he learns at school.  He will wipe down everything in sight before he gets down from the table.  He has even started wiping his hands, face and whatever else while he eats.  It's so cute!

And last but not least, I give you the carpet scrubber & the cord patrol...
I was cleaning little juice spots out of the living room rug yesterday and Spencer wanted his own rag and he began helping me scrub.  As soon as Spencer noticed I was putting up the vacuum, he immediately was bringing me the cord and trying to "wrap it up" on the vacuum.


texag04 said...

SO precious! What a great helper....you can send him to my house anytime!! :-)

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