May 14, 2010

The Swindells love kitchen gadgets!

Rick & I are suckers for kitchen gadgets, some turn out to be good, some do not.  We laugh at each other when the other one buys something off the wall.  However, this gadget is nothing to be laughed at unless you're laughing because you are so happy you just cored 30 jalapenos in about 5-10 joke.  Rick makes the best bacon wrapped jalapenos and a corer is a must.  He used to do it with a knife.  It was soooooo time consuming.  Well, meet Mr. Pepper Corer from Williams-Sonoma.  Rick and I could literally spend hours in Williams-SonomaWe Our bank account should be thankful there is not one here. :o)

This is the greatest thing ever!  I can even use it (which is a miracle when it comes to crazy, sharp tools like this).  So, if you're in the market for something that makes your coring easier, you MUST have this!!

I have recently turned into a pretty good blog stalker.  You see the words stalker and it sounds so negative.  Not so much, I've happened upon so many interesting people and it's so neat to see how other people are living and how they blog.  I've also turned my blogging into a crazy habit.  I can't wait to post and have to refrain myself so I don't over kill the small amount of people that actually read this.  (maybe there's more than I think...let's hope so!)

We have some of Rick's famous margaritas on the menu for the weekend.  Cannot wait for that greatness!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


texag04 said...

ooohhh, that looks like fun! I'd end up coring a finger or something though. haha!!

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