May 16, 2010

R-I-C-E and O-U-T-S-I-D-E

Rice and outside are some of the many words we have to spell around Spencer.  How is it possible that we have to spell so many things around our sweet boy that's not even 2 yet??  Here's a sprinkling of what we have to spell out these days:

Rice - favorite food and if he even sees it, he goes NUTS
Outside - Spencer's favorite place to be no matter what
Go - that's pretty self explanatory
Blankie - Spencer loves his blankie and sometimes needs to do without it (like when it's muddy outside)
Paci - we're turning a corner with "weaning" Spencer off of the paci; again, he needs to learn to do without it sometimes
Room - Oh, his room...he's not fond of playing in his room by himself, but INSISTS on Rick & I going in there with him

I took this picture of Spencer when we were playing outside yesterday and it makes me so sad.  He looks so grown up in this picture.  :o(

2 more weeks until school is out!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!  I hope you all have a great week!


John said...

mason threw his last 2 "paci's" in the trash about a month ago...he said ,"mom these are bad for suck"..and threw them away..he never used one was awesome

texag04 said...

2 weeks?!?! We have 3 left!! :(

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