May 4, 2010

The master of the spoon!

Spencer has been eating with a spoon for awhile now, but it just usually gets everywhere and he ends up eating with his hands.   Well, not any more.  This child can use a spoon with the best of them.  When he eats Spaghetti O's or rice it's usually all over the place and not any more.  He has some vicious scooping action and gets 98% of it in his mouth.  What we love so much about it is that he doesn't spend time picking out the peas, carrots, or any veggie and doesn't even realize he's eating them because he's scooping so fast!  He evens asks for spoons when he's eating food that doesn't require spoons...teddy grahams, Nutri Grain bars, etc.

Spaghetti O's!!


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