April 13, 2010

The greatest love, octagons & butterflies...

Let me start off by saying Rick is greatest husband in the ENTIRE world.  I say this to myself every single day.  He's the king of "small things" and boy do those things mean the most to me.  This is just a sprinkling of the "small things" of lately...

My lips were so chapped last week I was literally chewing on them.  I LOVE the Blistex Infusion (greatest stuff for your lips on the planet!) and I couldn't find it anywhere I went. 
I'm sitting in my room and in walks our attendance clerk with a bag from United and she said, "Your husband just dropped this off."  You got that right...he took time off to go get and bring me my Blistex.  He works clear on the other side of town too.

So, today I leave my purse at home.  Yes I know, how do you do that?  You'd be surprised at the junk I do.  Rick takes off and brings me my purse (remember, across town).  I meet him outside and along with my purse he has picked up my favorite coffee from Day Break (sugar free hazlenut latte) and my favorite oatmeal raisin cookie from there. 

Really???  Do I deserve all this??  Whether I do or not, it makes my life just that much better when I don't think it could even get better.  Rick, I love you so much and thank you for what you are to me and what you do for me every single minute of the day. 

And, here's your quiz for the day: What do these pictures have in common??

Well, they are two words that Spencer can say PERFECTLY and I mean perfect.  I picked him up yesterday and he had a picture they had made with butterflies and he started spouting off "butterfly" over and over.  Then his teacher tells me that when they do flash cards in the mornings, he can spot an octagon a mile away and yes, he says that perfectly as well.  Whoa!  That was a proud mama and daddy moment yesterday!


Crucified said...

Great blog! Thanks! I love getting to keep up with everyone! I have to say the bath tub shot of spencer was my fav. I must be more liberal with the bubble bath next time! That looks so fun. I am going to start pretending I only have 1 kid so I will splurg more on each of them!

John said...

Rick is makin it hard on the rest of us!

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