September 18, 2010

I {heart} blogs!

My love for blogs is an understatement.  I love my blogs that I have listed to the right and i can't wait to check them 4,000 times throughout the day because there is so much fun stuff on them.  The crafting ones are my favorite.  The ideas people have are so awesome and it gives me some inspiration to do some of it too.  I also love the writers of these blogs that actually have etsy shops or just shops on their own website.  Two of my favorites are The Pleated Poppy and Amy Cornwell Designs.  I look at the stuff these gals make and sell and I just can't peel my eyes away. 

I've been planning on putting in a order at The Pleated Poppy (check out her blog button on the right & also check out her shop) for awhile now and just couldn't decide what I really wanted.  Well, I entered one of her give aways for a $75 credit to her shop and guess who won???  Yep!  That would be me.  My name was drawn from about 200-300 people!  Check out the greatness that I got from her shop (all photos taken from her shop page):

Sunglasses holder

Composition notebook cover

Checkbook holder

Zipper pouch for my purse that will house all of Spencer's junk!
You have to go over to her site to at least check out her stuff.  It's soooooo cute and I can't wait for her to get some more petal drop necklaces!!

Then, the next day I'm checking my blogs (as usual) and Amy Cornwell's birthday is that day and she turned 31, so she was giving a 31% discount on EVERYTHING!  I quickly got to ordering and my order has already shipped.  I'm hoping my order will be here today.  I'll take pictures of it and post. 

Again, PLEASE check out these two ladies.  They are wonderful!!


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