January 22, 2012

Birthday Party & Fun Night

We had a birthday party at the Science Spectrum for our good friends' son, Cash.  He turned 4.  Him and Spencer have been buds since they were just one.  They go to the same school and live two blocks apart from eachother on the same street.  Their moms work at the same school and their dads are both managers at the same car dealership.  Now those are some serious connections between those two! Ha!

This was by far his favorite!  This is a new part that just recently opened.  He kept saying, "Back away mom & dad, I'm going to outer space!"

Afterwards, we stopped at Orlando's for some pizza and then met Zach at Caprock for a little bit.  Spencer was SOOO good the whole time.  He was quite preocuppied with the camera at Caprock.  It was hilarious seeing all the pictures he took afterwards!

And the crazy pictures...most taken by Spencer...

Such a fun afternoon and night!


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