April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We went the non-candy in the Easter basket route this year and it did end up costing us more, but so worth it.  He did have some little candy here and there, but not a basket full.

Buzz Lightyear gun
Spiderman mask
Hex Bug
Darth Vader slap bracelet
Yoda Pez
Welch's bites

And enter Spiderman...
The Spiderman moves were all the rave!

My parents came over that evening to eat and join in the Easter egg hunt.  The egg hunt was great except I think there were too many eggs for just one.  Half way through, Spencer was getting irritated and it seemed more like something he had to do than something he wanted to do.  It's definitely something that goes on the "Lessons learned of having an only child" list that I have.  ;)  He was so funny because every egg he put into his basket, he smelled.  HAHA!

Spencer waiting on Gram & PaPaw to get here

Opening up his Easter card from Gram & PaPaw...

Rick comes into the house and says, you have got to come see this.  Well, Gram was on all fours in the backyard letting Spencer ride and she was being a tiger!  Then we saw this appear in the kitchen shortly after!

And I just love this picture so much!  We rarely get a sit down picture because Gram and PaPaw are playing from the time they get here until the time they leave.  Spencer is so lucky to have them and it just fills my heart to hear all the giggles coming from him when he plays with them.  These moments are priceless!


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