May 27, 2012

Another year in the books...

11 years in the bag for me and another fantastic school year in the bag for Spencer.  Friday was his last day in his room and he will be moving up to the Pre-K room next week.  Spencer calls it the "big boy" room.  Yes son, you're a big boy and I don't know how your mama is going to hold it together from here on out!

We were blessed with such great teachers this year.  Spencer leaves this room knowing how to write his name, pick words and tell you what letter they start with, knows about 6 colors in Spanish and tons of other things.  The friends he's made in this class are so special.  He's really blossomed and made really good friends.  As he moves to the "big boy" room next week, none of his friends from this class will be in his new class.  I'm not sure he's ready for that, but he does know some of the kids in his new class. 

Their last week they got to do special things every day with a luau party on Friday. 

Monday was hat day...tough cowboy, huh?

Tuesday was crazy hair day.

Wednesday was pink day (their last color to review).

Thursday was superhero day and Spencer could hardly wait for this day so he could wear his cape to school.

On Friday, they had their luau party.

Spencer's teachers who were awesome!!! 
Jade, Tyler & Kaile

Spencer & Kaile
Kaile babysits for us and we just love her!

Spencer & Braylee

Cash, Korbin, Spencer & Cooper

Korbin & Spencer being silly!


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