May 17, 2012


No meal plan this week because we really aren't making much because of the crazy schedule we have this week.  School's almost out though!!!

I've done a pretty poor job of remembering things Spencer says and I wish I would've been writing them down.  Here lately he's said some pretty funny things and I guess it's never too late to start writing them down, huh?

Last night, Spencer got into trouble and I said, "Spencer Mark!"  And then later he was getting onto me for something and said, "Mommy Mark!"

Spencer is so proud that he can spell his name (and so are we!).  He was spelling it over and over last night and every time he finished, he would say, "I'm a berry berry smart boy."  Think he's heard that from somewhere??  Ha!

When Spencer gets mad at one of us, he always tells us, "You can't come to my birthday party."  Guess he hasn't gotten the memo that he might want to invite the people that are planning his birthday party.

We've had a lot of rain lately (Thank you Jesus!) and Spencer asked why it was raining and I told him that Jesus knew we needed rain so he is sending rain.  He then said, "I will give Jesus a big hug for washing our car off."

I know there are many more and I have to be better at jotting them down.  Stay tuned for more Spencer-isms...


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