May 3, 2012


1 - No meal plan this week because I was out of town until Wednesday and tonight we have an event to go to for my Teacher of the Year nomination. 

2 - Sunday night we had horrible storms and even had tornado spottings.  We are those people that do not watch much local TV, so the fact that the tornado was less than a mile from us, was news to us.  The hail was so bad.  Thank you God for watching over us! 

3 - Like I said, I was out of town until Wednesday with 40 of our 9th grade girls.  We took them on college tours in San Marcos, San Antonio and Abilene.  I'm exhausted, it was super hot and I missed my guys more than I can even tell you!  Rick texted me this picture Monday night before I went to bed.  I needed this.

4 - Spencer has a color each week they focus on, as well as a number.  I made cupcakes last week when they were reviewing purple and #6.  I just used Wilton's purple food coloring to color the white cupcake batter and also used it to color the white icing.  Don't use regular food coloring (mixing red & blue) because the amount you would have to use causes it to be bitter.  I got the idea to make the numbers from here.  I used the chocolate melts instead of white chocolate chips.  Worked like a charm!

Happy Thursday!


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