January 20, 2013


Spencer had his first dentist appointment last week.  We went to a pediatric dentist that I had tons of referrals to.  And, we are glad we did.


Spencer does not like laying down for any doctor.  It doesn't matter if it's just a simple check-up, he's not laying down.  He told us before we even got back to see the dentist that he wasn't laying down.  Well, they finally got him to lay down a bit (with some bribery that entailed wearing the cool Spiderman shades). 
They didn't want to clean his teeth this visit due to him not wanting to lay down at first and they wanted his visit to be a positive experience.  So, we go back in 3 months for a cleaning.  Dr. Tipton did get to look at his teeth though! (Can you see he's still not too excited about laying down??)
Love the dentist we chose and we'll go back in 3 months!


Melodee said...

what a cutie!

Zab Clement said...

Cool photos. I hope I've been captured the first time I visit our family dentist at http://www.esteticomanila.com/. It's a cool remembrance.

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