January 3, 2013

I'm back!!!

Let me explain...I logged in shortly after my last blog post (early November) to post and I got this message that I've used up my memory and I needed to buy more.  I just sat there.  I couldn't imagine that I had posted that much and then I couldn't decide if I wanted to spend money on continuing the blog.  So it sat.  And sat.  And sat.

Today, I'm procrastinating taking Christmas down, so I thought I would try it again and see what happened and WAAA-LAAAA!  It worked.  So, we're back in business.  I'm sure I've lost some followers with my 2 month hiatus, but maybe I'll gain some new ones.  I have a TON to post, so it will have to be the shortened version.

Let's start with Thanksgiving...

We went to East Texas to spend it with Rick's mom, sister and her husband and their family.  Oh my gosh it is just what we need and I always love going there.  I'm hoping this trip for Thanksgiving will be the norm from here on out.  Emily came down from Boulder and Zach ended up flying in the day after Thanksgiving since he had to work Thanksgiving day.

left to right, top to bottom:
Emily & Spencer on the trampoline
Spencer & his cousin Aiden
Spencer & his cousin Beau (nice Hulk costume)
Spencer with cousins Aiden & Chloe
Emily & Jean (Rick's mom)
Found a caterpillar
Emily & Spencer
Rainbow as we were leaving Thanksgiving lunch
A boy and his love for sticks

We took Rick's mom out for dinner the last night we were there at BJ's Brewhouse.  We had the best time!

 Up next...family photos!


Melodee said...

so glad you're back! although I've still be keeping up with your Pinterest stuff haha!

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