October 16, 2010

Sweet Dreams (well, sometimes)

We made the big step up to big boy status by buying Spencer his first pillow.  We have huge floor pillows in his room that he loves and Rick and I just felt it was time.  And this is our sweet angel every night now...

All of my favorite things...blankie, paci and pillow!

Well, along with sleeping so sound with the new pillow comes massive dreams and a nightmare thrown in here and there.  The first nightmare was terrible.  We were watching Swamp Men one night and Spence loves it because he LOVES alligators.  Well, about 12:30 that morning we were awaken by blood curdling screams from Spencer's room.  I went in there and he was crying so hard and all he kept saying was "alligators, alligators".  Poor thing!

Then the next two nights have been just hard core dreaming.  He woke up at 5:30 and 6:00 the next night mad as fire.  We're talking full out screaming, hitting fits.  One of those nights he was screaming, "outside, outside" and then he started screaming "spaghetti, spaghetti" (one of his ultimate favorite foods).  I asked him if he wanted to come to bed with mommy and daddy and he screamed no and kept kicking and hitting the bed.  Finally, he cralwed over to me and laid his head down and the went to sleep.  He was screaming donuts this morning to Rick when he went in there.  I don't even think he's realizing what he's doing.  Is he mad because he was dreaming about being outside, spaghetti and donuts and woke up to realize that they weren't there?  Who knows, but he sure likes his pillow! :)


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