August 7, 2010

Fun Friday

Friday was a busy and hectic day.  Hectic because we had electricity "issues" at our house and was without electricity for most of the day and we had a party to go to at 3:00.  No electricity = no hot water.  So, I trucked all my stuff over to Angie's to take a shower.  Went and got Spencer and headed back to Angie's for her Thirty-One party.  It was so fun and Spencer got to play with Landon and Tucker.  Spencer even decided he wanted to be a model for the Thirty-One bags.

I could literally spend a fortune on these Thirty-One bags.  I had never heard of them until now, so if you haven't, check them out.  And if you want to order, I can get you into contact with someone.  I bought these:

Cinch sack for Spencer and got 'SPENCER' monogrammed on it.

Mini zipper pouch for my purse with 'K' monogrammed on it.  I'm seriously thinking about getting a larger sized one of these too.

Got home to Rick sitting on the patio so where did we stay for the next 2 hours??  OUTSIDE!  It started to rain and Spencer had a great time playing in the rain.  Then he decided to play in the mud.  He literally had mud in his ears!  What a boy!


asonnenberg said...

LOVE IT! You should be selling 31!!! :)

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