August 3, 2010


Bell-O...those are the sweetest words that come from Spencer's mouth that just melts mine and Rick's heart!  It is Spencer saying "love you".  What a sweetheart!  I start school in one week...yuck-ola!  This is the first year out of my 10 years of teaching I haven't been ready to go back to school at this time.  It's for two reasons...1) last week was the first week of the summer that I didn't have anything school related to do (not counting vacation) and 2) Spencer is so darn fun and cute and I just want one more time to go swimming, one more time to go do this and do that. 

This is what we've been up to lately...

Swimming, swimming and more swimming!  Spencer is almost to the point that he has no interest in the kiddie pool.  He loves the big pool!  We are going to try to get in as much swimming as we can before it starts cooling off.

Exhausted after a long day swimming...

Birthday parties for sweet friends...

And LOVING bath time!!  Spencer has FINALLY gotten used to the big bath and cannot get enough of it.  He starts asking to take a bath at 7:00!!  Mind you, he doesn't go to bed until about 9:00 or 9:30, so that's a little early.

And a sweet picture to end this post...
We were getting ready this morning to go to school (Spencer's) and Spencer had his beloved dinosaur with him while I was changing his clothes.  We got down from the changing table and I told him to put the dinosaur up so we could go and he said, "pillow, sleeping, shhhhhhhh!" (and put his finger over his lips while he was saying shhhhhhhh)  Then he laid the dinosaur on the pillow.  Does it get any sweeter than that??


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