August 15, 2010

Life as we know it...

One more week until school starts and I'm still dragging my feet.  I'm not ready at all, but better get that way.  We have so many things going on at the house every day with all the renovations and it's like the only time we have to even sit down for 15 minutes straight is on the weekend.  Spencer has been doing great at school since he's full time again now.  We are just so thankful to have him in the best place.  He's beginning to eat more of a variety of foods these days which we are so thankful for!  He still doesn't drink milk, but this has been wonderful for making sure he gets his dairy...

Just poke a bendy straw in the top of the "drinkable" yoplait yogurts and there you go!  He's really to the point where he can drink it without the straw, but the straw helps prevent some messes.

Here's some pictures from our trip to the park Saturday morning.  Spencer LOVES the park, especially sliding and swinging.  He fed the ducks from his wagon on our way there and had a great time with that. 

I just love his hair in these.  It has grown out a lot in the past month and you can see here it just flies all over the place!

And I just have to share these last two with, are we blessed!!

Eating his mini-cupcake from Cake after his nap

Pure sweetness!


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