July 26, 2010

Just a Box

Sunday afternoon/evening was so nice at our house.  We were literally outside for about 3 straight hours.  Spencer played and Rick grilled steaks later on.  But, lets back up to before we went outside.  We bought a new patio set Saturday and the box that it came in was HUGE.  So big that Rick had to park his car outside that night because the box took its place in the garage.  Rick unpacked the furniture and was left with this giant box.  I had gone and done a little shopping and when I pulled in and opened the garage, what did I see?  Rick had made Spencer a "box house" to play in.  It was one like no other.  It even had a sky light!  So, we took it to the backyard...uh, I mean threw it over our 7 foot fence because it wouldn't fit through the gate.  And guess what he chose??

Yep!  The box!  He LOVED it!  I wish I could've videoed him jumping up and down when we got it in the backyard.  I took so many pictures of that sweet boy playing in the box that I have to put it in a giant collage because I want you to see them all!  He rarely used the door to go into the box.  He crawled through the window to get in.  Ha!

Once Rick got to grilling, guess what Spencer thought he needed outside?  Yep, that would be his grill.  We got it all set up and he started to grill.  At one point, we had to move his grill and picnic table by his box house.  I guess that made it a high rent condo with patio furniture and a grill!


texag04 said...

Love it! I'll have to remember this when Caden just "has to have" a new toy...I'll get her a box instead! How much is Spencer charging for the condo??

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