July 16, 2010

Lovin' vacation!

Don't have time to post much, but we are having a great on our vacation.  We spent half of it in Tyler with Rick's mom and sister and now we're in Austin.  I'll do a complete update with pictures next week.  Here are some of my favorite "traveling" pictures of Spencer.  He has been THE BEST traveler that we could possibly ask for!

He had been asleep for about 2 hours and we hear this, "Hi" from the backseat and I turn around and see this...

And this looks just like his mama!  Poor thing got it from mom and Rick has a couple of pictures of me in the backseat of various road trips and I'm doing the same thing!  As my dad would say, "Are you catching flies?"

Coming home Sunday...so not ready!


texag04 said...

LOVE the picture of him sleeping! So cute!! I'm glad he's been a good traveler and that y'all are having such a great trip!!

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