July 8, 2010

What we've been up to and where we are going!

I figured I would be posting the recipe of the week this morning because I tried something new last night, but it needs some tweaking, so I'll have to think of a recipe for tomorrow perhaps.  And with saying that, there will be no recipe of the week for next week because we are going on VACATION!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm a little bit excited??  We are going to see Rick's mom and sister and brother in law in the Tyler area and then we're going to Austin or 4 days!  Oh man, oh man, oh man we can't wait.  We are counting down the seconds.  I'll do my best to post something while we're gone, but I can't promise!

Spencer switched to a new room Tuesday at school and it's been really tough.  His last room was a DREAM room and his teachers were the cream of the crop.  So much that he would come home and talk about them constantly!  Crystal, Michelle, Ashley and Megan...sweet, sweet girls.  I'm kicking myself that I don't have a picture of Spencer with any of them.  I might can get one later, but we are trying to keep his attention on his new room and his new teachers, so we have to dodge our favorites from the other room.  :o(  He cries when we drop him off in the mornings, but his teachers always say he's doing really well.  I guess it will just take time.  What's worse is that he won't be there for over a week and then start back again.  This will just be a hard transition for the sweet man!

The terrible 2's have been in full force and having a fun time trying to figure out what works best for him and US!  I mean, it was like a switch that was instantly turned on he day he turned 2.  Any advice would be helpful.  I'm hearing 3's are even worse!  How is that possible???

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Science Spectrum!!!


And this picture just melts my heart...

Yes, these were all taken in the same day, but these two places we frequent A LOT in the summer.  Spencer has to be on he go and I have to learn to keep up with him! HA!


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