July 4, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

When Rick and I were watching the news late last week and they were talking about Hurricane Alex hitting land soon, I looked at Rick and said, "Oh I bet we get some good rain from that!"  He agreed and we were pretty excited for this much needed rain.  Well, be careful what you wish for...since Friday evening, Lubbock has gotten close to 10 inches of rain and we're talking HARD and FLOODING rain.  I stepped out late afternoon and took some pictures.

Swindell backyard lake

Notice you can't see our street because of the flooding

I went and got us salads at Applebee's today at lunch and got to see new lakes that used to be parks.  The entire roof of the Starbuck's near our house caved in.  These are pictures of 2 different parks that are completely under water.

And the worst part about all this rain...

Telling this sweet angel that he can't go outside and play. 


texag04 said...

Haha! I DO NOT miss the crazy flooding that only seems to happen in Lubbock. It has rained here (probably not as much) for the past few days as well, but NO FLOODING! ;-)

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