August 31, 2012

*Insta* Friday

Blogging lull deluxe due to school starting!  More on that later...

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life rearranged

Darth Vader, the slumber buddy
The Lorax finally came out on DVD!
9 years of marriage to my best friend!  How am I so lucky???
Rick already makes the best margaritas on the planet and then we add more fabulousness to it??  YUMMMMMM!!
One of my favorite pictures E.V.E.R. of this sweet boy!
Absolute peace
Look who got to scan EVERY bit of groceries in our basket!  Made his day!
Love him!
Pedicure & Kendra love!
(Doesn't the neck tie and the sweet smile make him look so tough??)
On a side any of you know how to make photo strips of your pictures not using Photoshop?  I have Photoshop, but it seems there would be something out there that would be faster.


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