August 18, 2012


I have no idea why I haven't blogged about our swimming this summer.  This year is the first year Spencer took lessons.  We have a swim school here (the Seahorse) that has been open since 1958.  My dad learned to swim there and so did I.  It's not fancy, but they get the job done.  They kind of follow a sink or swim approach and definitely don't let tears and crying affect their teaching.

We started off with two private lessons to get Spencer used to it and then we went to group lessons.  This is another thing I love about the Seahorse, his classes were never more than 3 kids at a time.  What else I love about it there is that they offer classes about 7 times a day and you can pick whenever you want to go.  We actually have 4 lessons left, but probably wont go back this summer just because school is starting. 

This was our first private lesson...

Spencer with his teacher after his first lesson and she was a former student of mine!  Spencer developed a crush on Miss Mantha (Samantha) real quick!!  He would tell her during their lessons, "You so pretty!"  They always get a ribbon after every class (one of my favorite things as a kid).

Spencer did well and we had some tears, but they trucked on with him.  This is just a progression of pictures through out the summer. 

Going off the diving board into 9 ft. water for the first time. 

Going off the diving board all by himself!

He kept begging her to do it again and again, but there were others in his class that had to go too! ;)

I wish we would've finished all the lessons, but time got away from us.  Next year, we'll be back at it again.  I'm so proud of him for hanging in there through the tears and really getting to love the water!


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