August 2, 2012

Vacation - Tyler

The last leg of our trip was Tyler.  Rick's mom & sister live there and it's always so much fun to go there.  Rick's mom was put in a rehab center the day we got there, so we only saw her twice.  That was so unfortunate, but she needed to be there to get stronger.  Meanwhile, we got to get some things done around her house that has needed to be done.  This part of our trip was a "working vacation".  Ha!

We always go to the zoo in Tyler and it's always great fun.  This year was the first year that Spencer really got into it.  He would take off and say, "Come on guys!"

We love spending any time we can with Rick's sister, Terry & her husband James.  They are so special!  Spencer started asking us in Austin when we were going to see Aunt Terry & Uncle James.  Spencer & Uncle James disappeared for awhile one day and this is what we found them doing...

James & Terry have had numerous trees die this summer mostly due to the drought lat year.  James has been burning them slowly and he needed a helper!

We had a special visit with Rick's mom the night before we left.  We hated not seeing her much, but this place was the best place for her at the time.  Spencer sure does love Jean!!

Isn't she beautiful??

Such a great vacation and we've been trying to adjust to reality this week. Ha!  School's right around the corner!!


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