August 8, 2012

That time...

It's that time is about to start!  Some days I'm ready, some I'm not.  Today, I'm not.  Yesterday, Spencer and I went to school from 10-4 cleaning and purging.  Why do I keep so much stuff that I haven't used in years??  Well, we got rid of that yesterday.  I still have lots to do and am going back today.  I'm hoping to do a classroom post with some of the changes I'm making and some of the things I'm keeping that I've used in the past. 

I literally had to sit down at the laptop with a legal pad and go through my Pinterest 'classroom' board and really decide what I'm going to do.  Here's what I had on my list...

Hope to find them at the dollar store

Dollar store frame and spray paint

Spray paint frames with sayings for the front of the room.  Heading to Hobby Lobby this morning...

Garbage bowls for each lab group...found them yesterday in the dollar bin at Target and they're super cute.  Why haven't I thought of this before???

Self explanatory

Mine won't be this big because I don't have the space, but something similar to use for exit slips and/or warm-ups
Source: via Kara on Pinterest

Paper lanterns to hang above my lab tables with the group number attached to the bottom.  Just spices up the plain ole number hanging from the ceiling.  Hopefully getting these at Hobby Lobby today as well!

So excited about this one and using QR codes all year!

There is so much more I want to do from Pinterest and a lot of it is strategies, so I'll try to post on that as the year progresses.  Be looking for a post where I take you into my classroom...

...time to start year 12!

And I leave you with one of my BIGGEST pet peeves in the classroom...

...wears me smooth out, but this was too funny not to share!!


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