May 1, 2011

Morning of Superheros

Spencer and I walked at the March of Dimes march for babies Saturday morning and had a wonderful time.  This year it was so much better and at least 10 times as many people there than last year.  (Last year, the weather wasn't so great and it had to be re-scheduled.)  We got there and quickly found my girls from school and guess who popped up from around the stroller??  Spiderman!  Spencer was beside himself!  That boy loves him some Spiderman!  We took tons of pictures with him and the other superheros and Covenant was sponsoring the pictures and you could go to a table after the walk and pick yours up. 

Our scanner is having serious issues right now.  Maybe I can post it later.  :(

I love how much Spencer loves superheros and I was so glad he got to see all of them, but the more I started thinking about it, the walk that morning was ALL about superheros...Spiderman, Wonder Woman and MOST importantly, all of us walking for such a great cause.  We are all the superheros for these sweet babies.  We're so fortunate to not have had to use this wonderful organization, but we have friends that did and thank goodness for March of Dimes or sweet Pate might not have been here.  Anyway, it was a wonderful 3 mile walk and we had such a great time!

Spencer spotted the firetruck from clear across the park.  He LOVES firetrucks and the fireman let him get inside!  He was on CLOUD NINE!!!

More superheros!!

And these giant horses were right by where we parked and Spencer kept saying, "Take a picture of me!  Take a picture of me!"  Well, he got his wish.


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