May 13, 2011


I always tell myself to start blogging about things that Spencer is doing that I won't want to forget and I have NOT done a good job with that.  Today seems like a great time to start this for two reasons...#1 Blogger has been having issues the past 3 days so I haven't blogged about anything and #2 I don't have any recent pictures of our goings-on.

We are proud to say that Spencer is fully potty trained!  He really did it himself and flew with it!  It also helps that we have GREAT support from his school.  Well, he gets really excited when he gets to go poop and the other night he pooped in the potty and turned around to look at it and said, "Look, a snake!"  Oh that little guy!!

He has become very affectionate with his stuffed Curious George monkey.  He has had him for forever, but all of sudden he's taken a liking to him.  He will take Curious George to go potty and then we'll hear him flush the toilet (really hoping he didn't flush George down the toilet) & say, "I'm so proud of you!"  He says that because that's what we tell him when he potties.  So cute!

His imagination is through the roof and we couldn't be more thankful!  He makes us coffee, cupcakes, salads and chicken in his sand box and delivers each and every one of them to us and tells us how hot they are and not to drink or eat it.  He blows on it for us and then we are allowed to eat it.

The minute we get home, the clothes come off.  He's never been like this before and to be honest, it was quite the opposite before he was potty trained.  He always wanted his clothes on and his shoes.  Well, not any more.  It doesn't bother Rick and I one bit except for the time he started shedding his clothes in the front yard when our sprinklers came on!

Out of the blue the other day, we heard Spencer saying, "Uno, dos, quartro, cinco."  (Yes, no tres, but none the!)  I knew they taught them Spanish at school, but I didn't know this early.  So cute!  And, another out of the blue moment while he was playing, we heard him say, "Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever, Amen."  Sweet, sweet!!!

That's it for now and i leave you with his Spring school picture.  I used the scanner at school and it's not as good as the one at home, but you can still see how STINKIN' ADORABLE he is!  Man, the love we have for him is unbelievable!


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