June 14, 2011

Spencer & Emie

Saturday was Spencer's sweet friend's birthday party.  Emie and Spencer have been going to school together for forever and ever since they were really little, they would always kiss and hug each other when one of them got to school and when they left school.  Well, the love affair has carried over through the years and here we are.  They are not in the same room at school now, but only one door separates them and they manage to find each other.  Emie is a sweetheart and I'm so glad her and Spencer and buds...or a couple...or whatever 3 year olds call it!

Her party was at Jumping Jungle where they have a barn/warehouse full of the bouncy houses and stuff like that.  Spencer had so much fun!! 

Spencer & Emie

GOODNESS is all I can say...

Salee & Spencer


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