June 22, 2011

Party Preparations

I'm doing a post specifically on the goodies at the party.  The main reason is because I'm going to link up on other blogs so other people can see.  I want other people to see because I had a hard time finding anything online that had to do with a reptile party, so I did it all myself.  Maybe I can help some other "reptile party seeker" out!!

This is the invitation.  I made it (high quality in Photo Shop) and have been doing invites on the side for about a year now.  My hope is to get my invitation blog/business up and running this summer.  Please, please email me if you would like me to design one for you and I'll get the prices to you.

I'm not one to run to the grocery store to buy a cake, cupcakes or cookies if I can make them myself and they turn out better.  I used two white cake mixes and did the colors like I did here, but did green and yellow.  I also just bought two containers of white, whipped icing to ice them with.  I wanted something super cute to go on top of the cupcakes and I found EXACTLY what I wanted at the dollar store.  I found plastic lizards in packs of 4 for $1.00!  I colored the icing green and I think they came out great!  This also gave the kids something else they could take home because the lizards were a pretty good size.

I wanted to have some type of fruit to serve with the cupcakes so that not everything would be jam packed full of teeth rotting sugar.  So, I went with frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.  I wanted to half bananas and do them that way on a stick, but with little ones, they needed something more manageable.  So, I cut the bananas in about 1.5" pieces and stuck them with the little decorative forks (pack of 75 for $1.00 at the dollar store).  These were so fun and the kids LOVED them and had many parents asking how to make them.  The one thing I will say is that you have to move fast on these suckers because bananas thaw out quick.  All I did was:

1) Cut bananas.
2) Put them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet in the freezer for about 2 hours.
3)  Use the chocolate melts that I use for these and get to moving FAST.  If you want to sprinkle them, you have to sprinkle immediately after you dip them in chocolate.
4) Freeze until ready to eat.

Now the goodie bags...this is what took me so long to come up with because there was NOTHING online to help me or get me started on ideas.  There was one thing I knew the bags HAD TO HAVE in them...a rubber snake.  You know how hard these suckers are to find that are less than $3.00??  I stumbled upon them at Wal Mart for $1.00 each.

What's inside:
-Laffy Taffy
-birthday & animal silly bands
-Pixie Stix
-Unfrozen popsicles, 5 of them (dollar bin at Target)
-Toy Story markers (dollar bin at Target)

The favorites out of the bag were the popsicles and the snake.  I loved putting the popsicles in there because that's totally unexpected and who doesn't love popsicles in the summer??  One thing, I busted 3 or 4 when I was pulling them apart to put in the bags.  They are MUCH easier to pull apart when they are frozen.

And last but not least...the thank you notes...

I hope someone can get some good ideas from this and let me know if you are doing a reptile party and what you're doing.  I would love to hear from you! 



Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am happy to be your newest follower. Please stop by for book club if you're interested--connie, measuredbytheheart.com

Kim said...

great job! the invitations are so adorable!

Thanks for sharing

Natalia Lynn said...

These are so cute! I have two boys, so I am sure this is bound to come up at some point! Bookmarking for later use!

Stacey said...

I have to laugh because two years ago my son asked for a robot themed party and there was nothing out there at all. Now robots are everywhere. This is a great party. I bet your son was thrilled. You should be proud of your hard work because it definitely paid off.

Kathryn said...

How fun!!! What great ideas! Thanks so much for linking up at Muffin (and Cupcake) Monday! Have a great week! Hope to see you again soon!

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

How fun! Thanks for the ideas, my son is all about reptiles right now :o This is a great reference for his birthday! Thank you for linking up and sharing. Hope you will come back and party with us again soon!

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Oh yes, I forgot :) We are featuring this on our blog tomorrow! Don't forget to grab your button! Thanks again.

Nicole Feliciano said...

I found you from the Muffin Monday swap. These cupcakes enticed me--what a great recipe for a party. I just posted about a contest Duncan Hines is running for cupcakes--the winner get a trip to the Emmy's in LA. Hope you'll swing by Momtrends and link this up on our delish Friday Food page:


AmieAnn said...

Love your invitations! Sooo stinkin cute and the cupcakes are adorable! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

Cheryl said...

Hi...I know this is over a year late from when you posted this but I am just finding it now. I am doing a reptile party for my son's 3rd birthday and I love everything you did. Would LOVE the invites and thank you notes.

Kara said...

It's never too late! :) I can do the invite with all the info you need plus the thank yous for $20. I'll send you the high resolution jpg image via email. My email is kswin33 at gmail dot com. Holler at me and I'd be happy to help you out!


Cheryl said...

Great! I will send you an email shortly with all the details once they are worked out.

Anonymous said...

Glad I stumbled upon your site - I am planning a reptile party for my son and having trouble finding anything reasonably priced out there. how much are your invitations. I would need 8 of them. My son will be turning 8. Thank you.

BennettsMommy said...

I'm planning a reptile party for my son. How much are your invites? And thank you notes? I would need 20 of each. Aleakamorgan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I also would like to know the pricing for your invitations, as well as how long they take? Thanks. Alizamberlan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

These invitations are perfect for my son's upcoming reptile birthday party. How do I email you for pricing? brookeamackay@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Any chance these are still available?

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